• [Lineage W x SAGA] Collaboration Accommodation Plan (with 2 Japanese meals)

  • 2024.1.22


    As part of the “SAGA Prize!” project promoting the charms of Saga Prefecture,

    a limited-time accommodation plan is now available in Saga Prefecture, in collaboration with “Lineage W,” provided by NCSOFT, the major South Korean game developer!


    This accommodation plan offers a stay in one of four collaboration rooms, each inspired by one of the four dragons “Antharas,” “Valakas,” “Papuion,” and “Lindvior” that rule the regions in the online game “Lineage W.” Guests can also enjoy a special dinner with table settings including a table mat and menu cards designed to evoke the game’s world.

    Additionally, guests can fully immerse themselves in the game’s world with special items such as “Lineage W”-branded long T-shirts and hand towels provided during their stay, and furthermore, the first 70 guests will receive a monarch-style mantle as a gift.


    The collaborative project with “Lineage W” features various events hosted across different locations, including exhibits at our hotel, an Art Gallery showcasing a 1:1 scale replica of the iconic “Executioner’s Sword,” a symbolic equipment in the Lineage series, as well as the sale of collaboration products with masterpieces representing Japan such as Arita-yaki porcelain and sake.


    ■Accommodation period

    From Thu. February 1, 2024 to Sun. March 3, 2024 (check-out date)


    ■Benefits included in the accommodation plan

    [Benefit 1] Monarch-style mantle (for the first 70 guests)

    [Benefit 2] Hand towel “Lineage W x SAGA Edition reinforcement scroll”

    [Benefit 3] Long T-shirts “Lineage W-branded”

    * One set of benefits is available per person.

    * Benefits are available for elementary school students and older.


    ■Guest room

    [Room name] ONCRI SONO TERRACE (4 rooms in total)

    [Specifications] Each room features decorations inspired by one of the four dragons “Antharas,” “Valakas,” “Papuion,” and “Lindvior” that rule the regions in the online game “Lineage W.”


    ■Dinner (Japanese food)

    [Menu] Basic Kaiseki (course meal) where guests can enjoy seasonal Saga ingredients such as Saga beef and sashimi

    [Specifications] A table features coordination including a table mat and menu cards designed to evoke the game’s world.


    Zen-zashiki (Traditional Japanese-style dining area) “Kiimi” focuses on seasonal ingredients from Saga Prefecture, including fresh seafood, vegetables, and meat.

    We deliver authentic Japanese Kaiseki cuisine expressing the essence of colorful Japanese dishes.

    * Please note that the images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual dishes. Your kind understanding is highly appreciated.



    We offer a traditional Japanese breakfast featuring a variety of tastes from Kyushu, with a focus on Saga.

    The buffet board is filled with the essence of Kyushu’s cuisine, featuring the dishes of Mitsuse chicken raised in the mountainous areas rich in nature, Saga beef minced with seasonal vegetables and rice cooked with locally grown “Yume-shizuku” rice from Fuji-cho, homemade cod roe, roasted nori seaweeds from the Ariake Sea and more.

    After a restful night in your room, a breakfast to nurture your mind and body awaits you.

    Serving hours: 7:00 – 10:00 (last entry at 9:30)


    ■Hot Spring Bathhouse “SHIORI”

    Furuyu Onsen, also known as “Bijin-Yu” (bath for beauty) is a famous hot spring that has long been popular for its soothing and therapeutic properties.

    Our hotel is proud of the quality of its hot spring water and a wide variety of bathing facilities.

    Guests can enjoy a total of 15 different “Nuruyu,” lukewarm hot springs, including outdoor baths, steam baths, pottery baths, and reclining baths, for both men and women.

    Please note that from February 10 to February 24, only the indoor baths will be operational due to renovations in the outdoor baths.

    Additionally, the operating hours for the indoor baths will be shortened during this period as below. Your kind understanding is highly appreciated.

    [Operating hours] 17:00 – 24:00, 6:00 – 8:30 (usually 6:00 – 24:00)


    * Please call us to make a reservation for 3 persons including children.


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