• [Important] Notice on business status in the facility *Updated on July 27

  • 2020.7.27

  • Dear customers

    Thank you for using Furuyu Onsen ONCRI.

    Our hotel has been reopening from June 4th (Thursday), but in consideration of the safety of our customers and staff, we will shorten the business hours, measure temperature, and disinfect and clean each facility as follows. We will continue our efforts to prevent infection. Please note that we may refuse entrance if a fever is confirmed. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


    ■ STAY
    ・The number of guest rooms used is limited and the business is resumed.
    ・For the volleyball service, we ask that you park your car by yourself in consideration of the spread of infection.
    Staff will park on request. Staff will wear gloves and masks. (Gloves are changed each time)
    ・After checking the baggage item with the customer, the staff will wear gloves to carry it.
    ・In order to avoid crowding, we will partially limit the use of the check-in space.
    ・At the time of check-in, all customers’ temperature will be measured. Please fill in the health condition confirmation table.
    ・Meals will be placed in seats that avoid facing each other.
    ・Meal service staff will wear gloves.


    ■About meals for accommodation
    [Breakfast] Japanese-style set meal
    [Dinner] Japanese Kaiseki or Italian cuisine

    ■In-house facilities
    ・The use of sand steamed hot springs and sauna will be suspended for the time being.


    ■ Day trip bath
    ・Business hours 10:00-15:00 (last reception 14:00) *Time is shorter than usual.
    ・Admission is restricted.
    ・The use of sand steamed hot springs and sauna will be suspended for a while.
    -A disinfection sheet is installed next to the dryer.
    ・The locker key will be given at the reception. We will disinfect and clean the locker key after use.
    ・All undressing baskets at the dressing room will be removed.
    ・Individual amenities are available.


    ■ Lunch
    ・Bar & Restaurant SEBRI: Normal business (limited seats)
    ・Zozashiki Season: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only
    ・Closed on closed days


    ■Other in-house facilities
    ・[Kids space] The space can be used, but toys, playground equipment and books have been removed.
    ・[Library] space is available, but you cannot browse books.
    ・[Shop] Available. There are no free samples or tastings available.
    ・[Sand steamed hot spring] business is closed.
    ・[Table tennis] We are suspending business.
    ・[Sauna] Business is closed.
    ・[Karaoke] Business is suspended.
    ・[Massage] We are closed for business.


    Please note that the business and service contents may change depending on the infection status of the new coronavirus in the future. We look forward to your continued patronage.